AutoBackup 1.3.0

This Magento extension allows to schedule automatic database backups.
Magento Compatibility: 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x
Available Licences:
Single Domain
Multiple Domain / Developer



Autobackup intended to automatically backup Magento database. This extension is suitable for use on stores with small scale (up to 1Gb) databases, since backup of large database can overload the system, which, in turn will lead to temporary server outage.
To ensure that this does not happen, AutoBackup checks the database size and alerts website administrator by email about aproach the limit. Website administrator can set the limit beyond which the backup will not occur.

Backing up the database is done by standard Magento mechanism. In order for AutoBackup to work properly cron scheduler should be set up.

The list of backups viewable through the System-> Tools-> Backup.

AutoBackup Features:

  • Scheduler options. You can specify frequency (daily/weekly/monthly) and time to start the backup
  • Autoclean options. Set backup file life cycle and limit the backup directory size. Oldest backups will be deleted automatically
  • Admin notifications
    • Alert website administrator(s) about aproach the database size limit
    • Send message upon successful backup completion (optional)
    • Notify website administrator(s) about critical percentage of  database size use

Version 1.3.0

  • checked compatibility with magento
  • more flexible cron expression settings
  • fix bug with Backup files size in notify e-mail
  • fix bug with double sending emails (if first email was sent, then another one was not sent)

Version 1.0.0

Initial release.

  • Possibility to save backups on remote FTP/SFTP or Amazon S3 bucket
  • Possibility to backup Magento files (with option to exclude particular files or directories)

We are constantly working to improve our extensions – if you have an idea or suggestion please feel free to drop us a line.

Customer Reviews

Great Extension Review by Christopher
We found this extension very useful and easy to set up. The fact that this extension uses Magento internal database backup feature to create the backup's rather than just doing dumps of the database makes life a lot easier.

Overall a very good extension. (Posted on 1/30/2013)

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