If you are using Fooman pdf customiser and have modified your currency tag according to our tutorial, probably you will have trouble on pdf printouts, as the price will be something like: <span>$</span>22.00
To fix that issue open: app\code\community\Fooman\PdfCustomiser\Model\Mypdf.php
Find public function OutputTotalPrice and replace it with this:

    public function OutputTotalPrice($price, $basePrice,$displayBoth,$order)
        $priceForPrint = strip_tags($order->formatPriceTxt($price));
            $this->MultiCell(2.25*$this->getFontSizePt(), 0, $priceForPrint, 0, 'R', 0, 0);
        $this->MultiCell(0, 0, $priceForPrint, 0, 'R', 0, 1);

The key word is "strip_tags" which clears all html tags and gives us clean currency and price