How to improve search results within Magento Admin Global Records Search

In my previous post I started to research the problems of default search of records in Magento administrative panel.

We have discussed the problem of product name related search in Manage Products Grid and offered our own solution which allows to search products using random word order in a search request.

In this post I will continue to dwell in the topic of records search. This time we will take a close look at the problems that arise while using Global Record Search.

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How to improve search results within Magento Manage Products Grid

1/28/2013 2:35 AM | Posted in 0 1 By Pavel Koltsov | Comments

How to improve search results within Magento Manage Products Grid

Store administration can be a rather difficult task when one has to deal with a big amount of information. In Magento it is always a products catalog and both orders and clients lists. How to find a required product with several thousands or tens of thousands products? And how to find a client among tens of thousands records?

In such case one can use search. Magento administrative panel allows usage of comprehensive search through all the elements (Global Record Search), i.e. in one search field one can look for products, orders and clients.

It is often necessary to find a product according to its name when site administrator doesn't exactly remember it.

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Redirect to specific page after newsletter subscription

1/25/2012 3:42 AM | Posted in 0 By Pavel Koltsov | 3 Comments

If you wish to redirect customers to specific page after newsletter subscription, here's how.
Open the created local file. Find in two places:

Change it to:
That will redirect user to the home page after newsletter subscription. If you wish to redirect to specific page, use this:
Thats it. Now you control the page the user is redirected after newsletter subscription in magento.

How to use Magento`s category or product design programmatically

6/28/2011 11:29 AM | Posted in 0 1 By Nikolay Kornushkov | Comments

Today I had a real problem with category`s design. All I needed is to load category`s design outside of Mage_Catalog module. I have googled but did find any solution for it. So, here is my one.

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