Affiliate Banner Rotator 1.1.0

Do you manage affiliates for your store and would like to provide them opportunity to customize your website in a way their customers could feel comfortable?
Affiliate banner rotator extension enables you to create and manage banner sets for your affiliates.
Magento Compatibility: 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x
Available Licences:
Single Domain
Multiple Domain / Developer

Affiliate Banner Rotator


Through market research and by the demand of our customers we learned that there are many store owners that work with different affiliate programs. Although, the store owners provide their affiliates with different marketing instruments in order to enable them to sell more effectively.

Affiliate Banner Rotator provides the store owner with the option of giving their affiliates additional options for effective sales. A sort of personalization of the store for each affiliate.

Customer launching your store through affiliate's link will see only that affiliate banners. Even though customer will navigate to inner pages of your store the system will "remember" which banners to show in appropriate cases.

How it works:

A record is created for each affiliate and an identifier (key) is set.
The store owner sets areas/zones designated for banners in the website theme.
Each affiliate can have a different banner for each zone.
When an affiliate publishes a link to the website, he uses his identifier in the link. After the click-through, the banners of the given affiliate will be displayed to the user.
The user will be "remembered" by the system for a pre-defined amount of time, which allows the system to display the banners of it's affiliate on the user's next visits to the website or transitions within the website.

We think that there is no need to explain how such a personalization may help increase the conversion for every affiliate.

Here is just a small example:

An affiliate may run an advertising campaign where there will be an emphasis on certain discounts or other sales. For that he creates banners on his website, writes a marketing text etc.
When the user has moved from the affiliate page (or banner) to the store, he sees the exact same banners and texts with the discounts or other sales, with the already familiar affiliate's logo and all other attributes, which increases the customer's trust.

Affiliate Banner Rotator Features:

  • Create as many affiliates as you wish
  • Unlimited banners per affiliate
  • Flexible banner positions
  • Ability to specify the expiration period for banner
  • Manage your banners and affiliates on multiple stores
  • Ability to disable any banner or affiliate
  • Remember the orign of the customer and show him only the relevant banners
  • Display fallback banner if no relevant conditions met
  • Ability to specify the parameter name for the transmission of affiliate code

  • 100% Open Source
  • Bug Free Lifetime Guarantee
  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 6 Months Free Support


  1. Unzip the extension
  2. Upload your files to your FTP. The extension has the same folder structure as Magento.
  3. Clean Magento cache
  4. Logout and login again


System -> Configuration -> Customy Extensions -> Affiliate Banner


User Guide

This extension is intended for display and rotation of affiliate (partner) banners.

Base terminology: 

  • Affiliate
  • Position
  • Banner
  • Group
  • Widget
  • Identifier


Affiliate, in context of this extension, is a partner for which an option of some sort of personalization of the store is given.
A record is created for each affiliate. Each affiliate has a name (for internal use only), a description (for internal use only) and an identifier (for use as URL string).


Positions are set to indicate the position of the banner (or group) on a page. We assume that several banners of a single affiliate may be displayed in different positions on a single page.


A banner is a form of advertising on the website. A banner can be of any type - a static image, flash, complex HTML code, video, etc..

Each banner has certain dimensions that match it's position.

It is assumed that each affiliate designs his banners by himself and provides them to the store owner.
In other cases, the store owner creates banners for his affiliates by arrangement.

There is an option in the extension that enables setting a default banner (or a group of banners) as fallback banner.

This is necessary to display a default banners on a page, in case a user enters the page without an affiliate identifier in the URL.


When creating banners, we can group them and assign them to a certain affiliate.
One banner (or group) can be assigned to one affiliate. One affiliate may have several banners or groups.


An affiliate refers traffic to the website through especially given link with his affiliate identifier key.
The link may look like this:

affiliate1 - is the identifier key of the affiliate.


On different pages of the website we may place widgets, which will display banners.

The widget code looks like this:

{{ ... }}

The widget may have the following parameters:

  • banner_id (Optional attribute. In this case we indicate the ID of the banner which we would like to display)
  • group_id (Optional attribute. In this case we indicate the ID of the banner group which we would like to display)
  • affiliate_id (Optional attribute. In this case we indicate the ID of the affiliate, the banner of which we would like to display. This attribute will only work with the attribute "group_id", to avoid the possibility of the display of an amount of banners that is too large, or the display of banners that do not match the position by dimensions.)
  • position_id (This attribute is required. It sets the position for the banners that can be settled within it.)
  • fallback_banner_id (This attribute is required. Within it we indicate the ID of the banner that will be displayed as default, in case there was no match found for any of the other attributes.)

If a widget does not contain any attributes accept position_id and fallback_banner_id, it is necessary to track the identifier of the affiliate in the URL and display banners that match this affiliate and position_id.

Accordingly, if we have several affiliates and each has his own banner, when entering through the link that contains the identifier of the affiliate, the banner of this affiliate will be displayed. If the identifier was set but no match was found, the default banner (fallback banner) will be displayed.

The extension "remembers" the identifier of the affiliate after the first entry to a page through the link that contains the affiliate's identifier. This is necessary to enable the system to "remember" the user and continue to display the banner of the affiliate even after the user navigated to another page or reopened the website without the affiliate identifier.

Version 1.1.0

  • Bug fixes


Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

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